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The Group is a fully-integrated financial services provider with a number of flagship subsidiaries offering securities brokerage and asset management with a presence across the MENA region.

Securities Brokerage

Pioneers Securities is Egypt’s leading brokerage platform focused on retail investors. With more than three decades of operation, Pioneers Securities has secured its position as the Egyptian retail investor’s preferred brokerage partner, completing the second largest number of executions among 134 brokerages in 2018 and ranking sixth in terms of value traded.

We enjoy a physical infrastructure unmatched by any other discount brokerage operating in the Egyptian market, with a network of seven branch offices covering Cairo, Alexandria, the Delta and Upper Egypt. A dedicated and highly qualified team of 150 account officers provides clients across Egypt with tailor-made brokerage solutions and a differentiated customer experience, while our hands-on research team supplies quality technical analysis covering the Egyptian and GCC markets.

Pioneers Securities is well positioned to continue generating value in Egypt’s rapidly growing retail investment sphere.

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