Investment Philosophy

We focus on creating mutually beneficial solutions and investment outcomes, which has resulted in establishing long-term, fruitful relationships with our business partners based on trust, transparency, and most importantly, value creation for all stakeholders. This approach allows us to realize the strategic expansion of the companies in which we invest to generate sustainable long-term returns to our shareholders.

Investment Philosophy

We take pride in contributing to Egypt’s growth story by capitalizing on innovative opportunities for local investment and employment. We align our business model and the sectors in which we invest with the nation’s social and economic development agenda.

Through in-depth market and sector research, we identify industries with both promising fundamentals using a calculated risk approach that allows us, with the help of a deep network of investment banking partners, to pinpoint companies with clear prospects.

We target consumer-related businesses with high growth potential and defensive business stories to capitalize on Egypt’s attractive demographics. Our proven ability to take risks during times of downturns has given us the leverage, knowhow, and flexibility to invest in a variety of industries.

As a project-based company that prides itself on our investigative, research-based approach that extends beyond customary due diligence when making investment selections, PHC is guided by a diverse team of industry veterans with decades of combined experience in their respective fields.

Investment Cycle

PHC has a proven track record in making successful investments through our disciplined investment process. Through in-depth research, we can identify value-adding acquisitions that will strategically position us from the start of the investment to maximize our returns until the appropriate divestment time. By quickly identifying potential demand in existing market players and sectors, we consistently generate successful advantage situations.

Where appropriate, we enhance operational efficiency and financial management in our businesses by strengthening and re-engineering operations. By working with management teams, we optimize capital structure and grow our business. To achieve this, we selectively enhance facilities in accordance with best practices to improve assets with high potential.

With every investment, we focus on creating synergy between the new asset and existing complementary assets. By encouraging collaboration among assets to achieve synergy surplus, we accelerate value creation among businesses and grow local players into regional champions.

To ensure we achieve maximum returns, we strategically approach divestment by quickly identifying exit options while executing at the appropriate time and valuation. With every divestment, we consider all strategic players. This approach enhances our asset profile and achieves maximum shareholder value.

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