Our Services
Stock Market Brokerage:
Our brokerage services are characterized by very high speed in execution with the lowest commissions and trading fees in the sector.
Orders can be performed either offline through the telephone or via the internet through our user oriented, powerful online trading portal.
Our brokerage services are covered in Securities listed on the:
• Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX)
• Dubai Financial Markets (DFM)
• Abu Dhabi Stock Market (ADSM)
• Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE)
• Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE)
• Qatar Stock Market (QE)
We also cover all Egyptian GDR's listed on London Stock Exchange.
Investment Banking:
1- Advice services, valuation, preparation of necessary sales documents.
2- Marketing of investment opportunities and evaluating bids.
3- Raising debt and equity finance for venture capital or expansion projects.
4- Financial re-engineering of highly indebted companies, the financial and operational restructuring and turnaround of problematic businesses.
Asset Management:
We offer a variety of portfolio investment products to suit the needs of various investors. It's the company's responsibility to fully understand its clients' needs and act upon them through providing the best financial investment tools and services available. Asset Management Products Include:
1- Conventional Portfolios:
• Balanced Portfolio: in this type of portfolio 30% of the invested funds is allocated in money market tools acting very defensively against market fluctuations and other 70% is invested in the stock market to achieve a return that could be higher than the risk free rate.
• Regional Portfolio: regional portfolios are created through investing in blue chip stocks in all of the regional markets, granting investors a regionally diversified portfolio with different systematic risks; hence diversifying the overall risk of the portfolio.
• Traditional Portfolio: provides investors with a variety of stocks in Egyptian stock market in all the active sectors. In this portfolio, 80% is invested in fundamentally safe and sound stocks and 20% is allocated in trading positions seeking a higher and faster return.
2- Islamic Portfolio: this type of portfolio serves investors by investing in a variety of Shari'a Compliant stocks thereby satisfying clients' Islamic investments preference.
3- Tailored Portfolio: meets exactly the clients' special investments needs.
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