Frequently Asked Questions
1- What is the ticker symbol for Pioneers Holding Co. ® stock ?
The company’s stock trades under the ticker symbol PIOH.CA
2- How do I get an annual report to shareholders and financial reports ?
-You can get the financial statements on the website in the Investor Relations section or by clicking the following link:  Please click here
-You can get our annual reports to shareholders on the website in the Investor Relations section or by clicking the following link:   Please click here
3- How do I transfer Pioneers Holding Co. ® shares from one shareholder to another ?
To transfer your Pioneers Holding Co. ® shares from one shareholder to another, you must first sell them at the open market and the shareholder who wishes to own the stock must then buy it in the open market.
4- What is the frequency of the dividend distribution of Pioneers Holding Co. ® common stock and the amount of the cash dividend ?
Dividend distributions at Pioneers Holding Co. ® depend on the company's profitability, the Board of Directors' recommendation, and the General Assembly'sapproval at regular meetings.
5- I am a Pioneers Holding Co. ® shareholder.How do I change my address for my dividend checks and other company information, if any ?
Please contact (the) Pioneers Bookkeeper in Egypt and provide an ID copy with the changed address and they will change your address on the record.
6- I would like to enroll in your direct stock purchase. How do I get started ?
You can do so through our Online Trading portal available from Pioneers Securities ®, Egypt by clicking on the following link:   Please click here
7- How do I obtain a new stock certificate ?
The stock certificates are kept at Misr for Central Clearing, Depository, and Registry (MCDR) as a book entry and are not available as physical certificates anymore.
Client Services:
8- How can I apply for an account with one of Pioneers Holding Co. ®'s brokerage firms ?
Please visit or contact your nearest branch to open an account. If you are an individual investor in Egypt, please click on the following links to find the nearest branch to you:   Please click here

If you are an institutional investor, please click on the following link to visit our institutional services page:   Please click here

If you are outside of Egypt, please visit the Contact Us page, respective to the country you would like to open an account in.
9- How do I apply for an Online Trading account and what are the minimum investments ?
Pioneers Securities ®, Egypt offers its clients Online Trading accounts without any minimum investments. To open an online account, please visit our Online Trading website:   Please click here
10- How can I get fundamental and technical reports on the stock market ?
For market reports in Egypt, please visit the following links on Pioneers Securities ®, Egypt website:
For Technical Reports         Please click here
For Fundamental Reports    Please click here
11- How can I get involved in an IPO that a subsidiary of Pioneers Holding Co. ® is underwriting ?
Our IPOs are frequently advertised through various media communication channels. If you are interested in being involved in an IPO, contact IIA ® or the respective underwriting subsidiary of Pioneers Holding Co. ®.
12- How can I get a copy of a prospectus on a stock or bond that a subsidiary of Pioneers Holding Co. ® is underwriting ?
If you are interested in information about a specific IPO, please contact IIA ® or the respective underwriting subsidiary of Pioneers Holding Co. ®.
13- Can I get IPO shares with my Pioneers Securities Online Trading account ?
No, you would be required to make payments for IPO shares directly to the issuer.
Company Information:
14- What are the main lines of business of Pioneers Holding Co. ® ?
Securities Brokerage, Investment Banking and Asset Management.
15- Where do we operate ?
Pioneers Holding Co. ® is operating in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Syria.
16- What are the subsidiaries of Pioneers Holding Co. ® ? What does each subsidiary do ?
The following is a list of Pioneers Holding Co. ®'s subsidiaries and their activities:

Pioneers Securities ®, Egypt Brokerage.
Prizma Securities ® Brokerage, with a special focus on institutions.
Bankers Securities ® Brokerage.
Pioneers Securities ®, UAE Brokerage.
Pioneers Syria ® Brokerage, Investment Banking, Capital Raising and Underwriting.
Amwal ® Asset Management.
Pioneers Funds ® Mutual Funds.
IIA ® Investment Banking, Corporate Finance Advisory, Capital Raising and Underwriting.
Pioneers Capital ® Private Equity.
17- When does the fiscal year for Pioneers Holding Co. ® end ?
The company’s fiscal year ends on December 31st.
18- What are the company's results for the last quarter ?
You can find our financial statements under Investor Relations Section or follow this link:   Please click here
19- How can I get additional information about Pioneers Holding Co. ® ?
For any further information, you can send an email to our investor relations department at
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