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CBE to issue LE 18.5B in T-bills Sunday       October Pharmas EGM okays capital increase by EGP 60M       Egypts fuel subsidy bill drops by 69% year on year July-Sept - minister       October Pharmas EGM okays capital increase by EGP 60M       Giza General Contracting sells land plot totaling 8,000 sqm of EGP 42M       Talaat Moustafa Groups unit to offer EGP2B Sukuk       Alexandria Pharmaceuticals earnings rise 28% ending Oct. 2019       Tamweely to disburse loans, repay instalments to customers in 4,000 post offices       Tamweely to disburse loans, repay instalments to customers in 4,000 post offices       Ascoms losses shrink to EGP 7M ending Sept. 2019       National Real Estate Bank for Development (NRPD.CA) - Board of Directors Decisions       Release from TMG Holding (TMGH.CA) Concerning a Published News 08/12/2019       Middle East Glass Manufacturing (MEGM.CA) - Board of Directors Decisions 08/12/2019       October Pharma (OCPH.CA) EGM Decisions       Release from Porto Group (PORT.CA) Regarding the EGM 08/12/2019       Release from National Real Estate Bank for Development (NRPD.CA) Regarding the Lack of Quorum of the EGM       Sisi endorses decree approving loan deal with EBRD to buy 100 locomotives       HSBC, Citibank compete to assess Siemens power plants       Release from Alexandria Cement (ALEX.CA) Concerning The Titan International Cement       Asek Company for Mining - Ascom (ASCM.CA) Decisions of the Board of Directors Meeting      
ACGC.CA  5.67    1.07%      AFDI.CA  12.02    1.52%      APSW.CA  2.71    1.88%      COMI.CA  73.35    0.87%      EFIC.CA  16.93    1.93%      EGTS.CA  1.55    2.65%      EHDR.CA  5.13    2.40%      EKHO.CA  0.80    -1.23%      ELEC.CA  0.89    3.49%      ELKA.CA  14.98    0.00%      EMOB.CA  128.73    1.83%      EPCO.CA  2.30    0.00%      ESRS.CA  19.59    0.98%      ETEL.CA  13.49    -0.37%      HRHO.CA  23.27    0.00%      IFAP.CA  2.38    2.15%      KABO.CA  1.49    0.68%      MNHD.CA  10.29    1.78%      MOIL.CA  0.28    3.70%      NCGC.CA  6.55    0.00%      OCDI.CA  19.54    0.41%      OCIC.CA  217.47    0.00%      ORTE.CA  4.42    1.38%      PHDC.CA  4.06    1.50%      PIOH.CA  8.47    0.59%      SPIN.CA  2.05    1.49%      SVCE.CA  5.49    2.23%      SWDY.CA  136.72    0.80%      TMGH.CA  10.22    1.89%      UEGC.CA  0.77    1.32%      
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Our team of analysts is continually evaluating investment opportunities in their local market.

We conduct both fundamental and technical research to enable us to have a clear picture of the economy, sector and company. We can provide our clients with specialized research on any of the major public companies listed on the Middle Eastern markets.

Our technical analysis desk assesses and anticipates market trends and opportunities in the Middle East financial markets over multiple time frames, utilizing a variety of technical analysis tools.

Pioneers Securities©, Egypt provides clients with the latest market data, news and research. Clients can review complete company and market sector (added daily) as well as weekly strategy reviews and market snapshots. We focus on both maximizing long term returns as well as short term returns through short term trading opportunities.

Pioneers Securities©, Egypt research department is continually expanding the depth and breadth of its coverage to provide our clients with high quality research to help identify the best investment opportunities throughout the Middle East.

Our focus is identifying investments with the ability for sustained growth and significant upside potential, and in providing value-added advice.