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Assiut Islamic Trading (AITG.CA) - Corporate Governance Report       Suez Cement (SUCE.CA) AGM Minutes (After Certification)       Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- Egypt (ADIB.CA) - Board of Directors Decisions       Release from Al Baraka Bank Egypt (SAUD.CA) Concerning the Stock Dividends       Assiut Islamic Trading (AITG.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors Meeting       Housing & Development Bank (HDBK.CA) - Board of Directors Decisions       Housing & Development Bank (HDBK.CA) Corporate Governance Report       Correction from The Egyptian Co. for Construction Development (Lift Slab Mis (EDBM.CA) Regarding the Cash Flows       Pyramisa Hotels (PHTV.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors Meeting       March 6: Al Baraka Bank – Egypt free stocks last date       Telecom Egypt & Vodafone reach agreements on transmission, infrastructure services       Release from Amer Group Holding (AMER.CA) Concerning Its Lands Portfolio       Pyramisa Hotels (PHTV.CA) - Corporate Governance Report       Release from GAFI Concerning Advanced Pharmaceutical Packaging Co. (APP). (APPC.CA)       Release from Atlas for Investment & Food Industries (ALRA.CA) Regarding the Dispute with Misr Financial Investments Company       Release from Arab Real Estate Investment CO.-ALICO (RREI.CA) Concerning Its Lands Portfolio       Brent oil eases from 2019 highs as markets await trade talks outcome       Auto industry lines up against possible U.S. tariffs       Beta Egypt to invest $85.3mn in two projects this year       CBE increases capital by LE7.6bn      
ACGC.CA  5.67    1.07%      AFDI.CA  12.02    1.52%      APSW.CA  2.71    1.88%      COMI.CA  73.35    0.87%      EFIC.CA  16.93    1.93%      EGTS.CA  1.55    2.65%      EHDR.CA  5.13    2.40%      EKHO.CA  0.80    -1.23%      ELEC.CA  0.89    3.49%      ELKA.CA  14.98    0.00%      EMOB.CA  128.73    1.83%      EPCO.CA  2.30    0.00%      ESRS.CA  19.59    0.98%      ETEL.CA  13.49    -0.37%      HRHO.CA  23.27    0.00%      IFAP.CA  2.38    2.15%      KABO.CA  1.49    0.68%      MNHD.CA  10.29    1.78%      MOIL.CA  0.28    3.70%      NCGC.CA  6.55    0.00%      OCDI.CA  19.54    0.41%      OCIC.CA  217.47    0.00%      ORTE.CA  4.42    1.38%      PHDC.CA  4.06    1.50%      PIOH.CA  8.47    0.59%      SPIN.CA  2.05    1.49%      SVCE.CA  5.49    2.23%      SWDY.CA  136.72    0.80%      TMGH.CA  10.22    1.89%      UEGC.CA  0.77    1.32%      
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Customer service personnel at Pioneers Securities©, Egypt are trained to identify client investment needs and keep them at the forefront of any transaction. All our clients are provided with accurate, timely, and comprehensive information. Our customer service department is available to answer any account inquiries you may have.

We also provide an area at all our branches where clients can come into the office and follow the market live. Our customer service team will be happy to take your orders for you.